Amiens Sport Table Tennis

Amiens Sport Table Tennis is a table tennis club located in Amiens, a city in the north of France (140 kms in the north of Paris).

We propose, free of charge, our infrastructure and our equipments to your delegation in order to prepare any competition taking place in France or Europe.

Some interesting points :
  • Optimal table tennis equipments in a huge gymnasium
  • Accommodation (hotels, restaurants, city center) close to the gymnasium
  • Amiens is near Paris and airports (Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Beauvais-Tillé)
  • Our members are motivated to welcome a foreign table tennis team
  • Experience : we hosted twice the Japanese national table tennis team (senior and junior) in 2013 as training camp

Amiens is the capital of the Somme department in Picardy, a region in the north of France, located between the city of Lille and Paris, our capital. The city has a population of 140,000 inhabitants. Amiens is well-known for its Gallo-roman past, its Gothic cathedral (13th century), and its floating gardens : "Les Hortillonnages". It was the city of Jules Verne, the famous writer. The city stands close to the battlefields of the First World War (the Battle of the Somme 1916-1917) and is 80 km distant from the sea and the natural park of Marquenterre.

Amiens is 140 kms far from the Palais Omnisport de Paris-Bercy (the competition place) : 1H40 by car (without traffic jams), 1H35 by train and subway (1H15 by train Amiens-Paris Gare du Nord and 20 minutes by the subway, lines 4 and 14).

Amiens is 130 kms far from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport (1H30 by car), and 60 km from Paris-Beauvais-Tillé airport (30 minutes by car).

Amiens has its own railway station and is 40 kms far from the "TGV Haute Picardie" high speed trains station. A bus takes passengers there to and from Amiens (40 minutes).

Amiens Sport Table Tennis was founded in 1945.

It has 235 members and 16 teams from the National to the Departmental levels (Men, Women, Youth, and Wheelchair athletes).

The club won the National championship title from 1967 to 1969 and since the 1960’s it has had players, seniors and youths, with a national rank.

The club has already organized several national and international events : the Friendly Team contest France / Japan (1976), the Friendly Team contest France / Poland (1981), the French International Open Junior/Cadet (1982), the Friendly team contest France / China (1984), the French National Championships (1998) and every year, the National Tournament of Amiens. We organized numerous regional and departmental competitions, including competitions for wheelchair and disabled (adaptive sport) athletes.

We hosted twice the Japanese national team (senior and junior) in 2013 for training camps.

The Amiens sport table tennis gymnasium, Salle Albéric Labaume, stands at 304 rue Gaulthier de Rumilly, 80000 Amiens (Tél : (+33)322953799, Mail :

The gymnasium is 2kms distant from the city center.

Three comfortable hotels stand close to the gymnasium:

  1. The 2 stars Hotel Ibis (located 4 rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, Amiens
    Phone : (+33)322925733, Fax: (+33)322916750,
    (room 78 €/night, one or two persons, with TV and shower).
  2. The 2 stars Holiday Inn (located 10 boulevard d’Alsace Lorraine, Amiens
    Phone (+33)0800905649),
    (room 73€/night, one or two persons, with TV and shower).
  3. The 3 stars Hotel Mercure (located 21-23 rue Flatters Amiens,
    Phone : (+33)322806060, Fax : (+33)322806061,
    Mail :,
    (room 111€/night, one or two persons, with TV and shower).

The distance between the Gymnasium and the Hotel Ibis is 2.2km, the distance between the gymnasium and the Hotel Mercure is 2.7 km, the distance between the gymnasium and the Hotel Holiday Inn is 2.7 km.

The distance between the gymnasium and the railway station (Gare du Nord, place Alphonse Fiquet, Amiens) is 2 km.

Entrance of the club (access for wheelchair athletes on the right) Young boy player of the club.

Car and bicycle rentals

There are some car-rentals in the city:

  • France Car 63 Boulevard Alsace (phone: (+33)322725252)
  • Ada 387 chaussée Jules Ferry (phone: (+33)322464949)
  • AS location 172 rue Jean Jaurés (phone: (+33)322446884)
  • Avis 11 rue saint Martin aux waides (phone: (+33)322913121)

There is a bicycle-rental: Velo service, place Alphonse Fiquet, 80000 Amiens in front of the railway station.

The Albéric Labaume Gymnasium has 2 playing halls, each containing 12 tables.

You have to use stairs to reach the playing halls but each playing ground has an access for wheelchair athletes.

For your training, you can use the main playing hall, certificated by the French Federation of Table Tennis (FFTT). Its surface is 500m² (35m long, 17m wide and 12m high).

The gymnasium is gas heated and lit by 36 halogen and sodium lights with a light intensity of 600 lux uniformly over the playing surfaces.

The playing ground is made of beige resin. The walls are painted with a brown or dark yellow color.

The playing Hall contains 12 tables but 6 playing spaces can be made with international playing conditions (14m long, 7m wide). The playing areas are enclosed by 60 cm high dark blue Cornilleau table surrounds.

The tables are Cornilleau Competition 640 and 740 Indoor Rollaway blue tables.

There are public galleries on one side of the playing ground where 80 persons can sit.

The second playing hall is smaller, 400m², but can also contains 12 tables.

We can provide to your team: umpire Cornilleau tables and chairs, compact Thibar solid plastic point score indicators, Cornilleau towel boxes, one table tennis robot and one recycling net for services training, and numerous table tennis balls (Double Circle).

The playing hall has sound equipment with a microphone, and there is a possibility to put some music on.

Changing rooms are of a good standard (two of 50m², for men and ladies), both with benches and coat racks, with 6 collective showers and one locked restroom and two urinals in the men’s changing room, and 3 individual locked showers and one locked toilet in the ladies changing room.

In the second playing hall there is a locked restroom for disabled athletes and two other similar changing rooms for men and ladies. Unfortunately there is no individual locker for players clothes.

The gymnasium has a meeting room, a bar, a small kitchen and two offices on the first floor.

The meeting room has a surface of 30m² (6m long, 4m wide, 2.5m high), with benches, chairs, tables and a TV set. It can accommodate 25 persons.

There is a computer in one office with internet connection, and a photocopier.

The bar has a huge fridge to stock cold drinks and there is an electric coffee-machine and a single sink.

The kitchen is small (4m²). It has two hot plates, a single sink, cupboards, dishes (plates, glasses, place settings), a small fridge, and a microwave oven to reheat ready-made meals. We can also lend a grill, a pancake machine, a toaster, or a waffle machine.

The meeting room can be used to have meals.

There is a butcher’s shop in front of the gymnasium where ready-made meals can be bought.

There are two bakeries, another butcher’s shop and a small grocer’s shop 300 meters far from the gymnasium (10-20 rue Gaulthier de Rumilly).

There is a supermarket 3kms far from the gymnasium (Supermarché Auchan, Route de Paris, Dury les Amiens).

There are some restaurants from 1km to 3kms distant from the gymnasium: Saveurs d’Asie 106 rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, near the Hotel Ibis (Thai food), Le Mandagon 21 place Alphonse Fiquet, near the railway station and the Perret tower (Chinese food), Himalaya close to the circus (Indian food), Quick Amiens Sud rue Paul Claudel (fast-food), Pizza Paï avenue de Grece (Italian food), Buffalo grill avenue de Grece (burgers and meat), Le comptoir du Malt avenue de Grece (meals and brewery), L’Aubergade 78 route Nationale Dury (gastronomic restaurant, one star in the Guide Michelin).

An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) stands in a bank 200m far from the gymnasium (Caisse d’épargne 150 rue Delpech).

There is a Sport shop 2.5kms distant from the gymnasium (Décathlon, rue de Grece) where you can find some equipments for table tennis practice.

Fields with tracks are 300m distant from the gymnasium for jogging or mountain-bikes races.

There is a tennis club (Amiens Athletic club) close to the gymnasium with clay courts.

There are two fitness clubs 2kms from the gymnasium and 500m from Hotel Ibis for body-building (Biogym 65 route de Paris, California 26 rue Lavalard.

There is an Olympic-size swimming pool (6) 2kms from the gymnasium and 100m from Hotel Ibis (Coliseum rue Caumartin).

There is a defibrillator in the gymnasium.

For emergencies: call the SAMU (emergency medical service, phone: 15 )

  • Medical center: University hospitals with all areas of medical specialization: CHU Amiens Sud (avenue rené Laennec Salouel, 3.3kms far from the gymnasium, phone : (+33)322456000) or CHU Amiens nord (place Victor Pauchet, 3.9kms far from the gymnasium, tel (+33)322668000)
  • General practitioner : 200m distant from the gymnasium : Laurent Valentin 48 bis rue Gaulthier de Rumilly (phone : (+33)322440841), Bats Dominique rue Andre Chenier (phone : (+33)322950395)
  • Sports doctor: 1km distant from the gymnasium: Patrick Poppe, 19 rue alberic de calonne, (+33)322957681.
  • Physiotherapists : 200m distant from the gymnasium :

    Balestri Hélène 122 rue Gaulthier de Rumilly (phone : (+33)899104198), Brouland Franck 126 rue Gaulthier de Rumilly, phone : ((+33)899104184)
  • Osteopaths :

    • Alexandra Bonnet, 12 rue Martin Bleu Dieu (phone : (+33)689895643)
    • Martin Galand, 100 rue Edmond Rostand (phone : (+33)322415120)

In Amiens:

  • The city center is 2kms distant from the gymnasium and is close to the Ibis and Mercure Hotels. It has a lot of various shops (dress shops, perfume shops, bars...)
  • Cinema (some films in original language) : Gaumont-Pathé, 3 boulevard de belfort, near the railway station
  • Cafés : Quartier Saint leu, quai Bélu, 2kms from the Ibis Hotel, 200m far from the Mercure Hotel.
  • The cathedral : 3 rue Flatters (2.5kms from the gymnasium, 1km from the Ibis Hotel, 500m from the Mercure Hotel) : one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedral of France (from the 13th century), inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
  • The house of Jules Verne, the writer : 2 rue Charles Dubois (1.7km from the gymnasium) His tombstone : Cimetière La Madeleine, rue Saint Maurice (4kms from the gymnasium)
  • The Jules Verne circus : Place Longueville (1km from the gymnasium) is one of the last circus built with stone in France.
  • The Perret tower : place Alphonse Fiquet, in front of the railway station, built by the architect Auguste Perret in concrete, was the highest european building in the 50’s.
  • The museum : Musée de Picardie, 48 rue de la république (1km from the gymnasium) with interesting archeological and Gallo-roman collections.
  • The Hortillonnages: Visit the floating gardens on a boat: 54 boulevard de Beauvillé (3.5kms from the gymnasium). Or rent canoe : Club nautique de Rivery 13 impasse Motte. Website (4.6kms from the gymnasium).

Around Amiens:

  • The Marquenterre Natural Park: Ornithologic park and nature reserve in the bay of the Somme on the Picardy coast, 80 km from Amiens Website.
  • First World War Battlefields: 10kms to 60kms from Amiens: Battlefields of Villers-Bretonneux, Albert, Hamel, Péronne (with its museum: : Historial de la Grande Guerre).
  • Reims: 170kms from Amiens, 1H30 by highway (Cathedral and champagne caves)